Security Design Consulting

Details of Security Design Consulting

Companies, governments and institutions face much more security risks today than any time in the past. Crime, acts of sabotage, infrastructure failures, natural disasters, and other security challenges present critical risks today. Organisations need to adopt a security design approach to new facilities than pay heavily in terms of damage suffered or for post-construction modifications.

EnGarde experts can work with you and your architect and help you plan and design a safe and secure facility that will stand the test of time, without compromising on aesthetics or everyday functionality.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

In case you have already built your facility without taking security design into consideration, have no worries about missed opportunities.

Our Experts would carry out an assessment of the threats and vulnerabilities of your facility, devise a facility-specific solution, including in it elements of design modification, essential security procedures, and technology requirements, which is cost-effective for the organisation, and also meet your immediate and future security needs.

Security Systems Design

If you want to enhance the physical security of your facility and also want it to be cost-effective, EnGarde professionals who have a mature understanding of security risks, can help you create a balanced physical security plan incorporating electronic systems, security staff, and site-specific security countermeasures.

Physical Security Plan Vetting

After formulating your security plan, you may realize that certain security concerns escaped your sight, or arose later, which have the potential to penetrate your security system and inflict damage, which you would like to avoid. You can surely trust EnGarde to help you fine-tune your security plan in a cost-effective manner.

Event Risk Assessment and Security Planning

In case you are organising a special event, and want to hold it in a safe and orderly environment, and have a stake in its success, our security experts can perform a professional assessment, considering all foreseeable hazards and risks, and devise security countermeasures required to eliminate or reduce those risks, and suggest how an emergency during an event can be handled. This assessment would be vetted by a senior member of the management.

Emergency Response Plan Development

Actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical. A quick warning to employees to evacuate, or take shelter can save lives. A prompt call to public emergency services can help dispatch the right equipment and staff on site for much needed assistance. A staff member trained in first aid can save a life. Alert action by employees who know the systems can control a fire and help minimize damage to the facility. But all this needs a well-formulated and rehearsed emergency response plan. EnGarde professionals can help you build a custom-made plan for your organization and enable it to come to terms with, and minimize damage in, an emergency.

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