Private Investigation

Discrete Surveillance

Surveillance is an activity no one can do for himself or herself for fear of being found out. Our experienced detectives can perform this job for you unnoticed, by virtue of their anonymity and training, and come out with much needed facts for you to take your next step, with visual evidence, wherever possible or requested for. We shall keep your own details completely confidential.

Matrimonial Fact-Finding

Before venturing into uncharted matrimonial alliances, it is a good idea to have a few facts about the would-be spouse checked up in advance in order to avoid post-marital shocks from discovery of unknown or undiscovered facts and a broken marriage. A professional detective from EnGarde can give you the much-needed confidence in taking a decision on the basis of ascertained facts.

Marital Infidelity Checkups

“Marriages are made in heaven”, they say. But they have to be lived on earth, where the rules are different. More often than not, post-marital flings or entanglements have become a serious threat to the harmony of domestic life in modern times. Worse still, we often react out of suspicion, or even on hearsay, or sometimes even on plain lies; and this gets us into further trouble. EnGarde professionals can lay bare the facts before you, which can either set your unfounded suspicions to rest, allowing you to continue to live in harmony, or give you the confidence as well as the basis to decide upon your next step.

Suspicious Activity Checks

Relationships take years to form but it takes just a moment to snap them, be it a spouse or a fiancé. This can happen on the basis of mere suspicion, which feeds upon itself, leading you to interpret apparently innocent activities as premeditated deviant behaviour, and propelling you to take decisions which can prove disastrous. Our professionals can ferret out the facts for you and give you the much-needed peace of mind to take a decision in a cool way.

Missing Person Tracing

Sometimes, one of our loved ones suddenly and mysteriously leaves us and we are not sure whether this is the result of a criminal act. Law enforcement agencies generally do not consider such disappearances worthy of serious attention and their approach is often lackadaisical. Our professionals can render you valuable succor in such a situation by launching wide-spread enquiries leading to the tracing out of your loved one.

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